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Why Mykonos Town Hotel Vencia ?

“We take care of your stay, you make the choice”


Mykonos, the siren of the Cyclades, which attracts thousands of visitors each year with its picturesque beauty, its warm hospitality and affordable luxury. If you wish to enjoy the magic of the island in an out of the ordinary environment, choose the Vencia boutique hotel, a unique proposition for your stay on the “island of the winds”. A gem of a hotel, just a few minutes from the center of the Mykonos town, its hallmark being the breathtaking panoramic view of the whole of the island from its rooms, pool and restaurant.
From our luxury hotel you can enjoy the horizons of the Aegean in an exceptional, warm environment, with friendly personal service which has, for years now, left a lasting impression on visitors, with its characteristic feeling of familiarity and comfort.
The unique location and hospitality which make the Vencia boutique hotel stand out from the other hotels of Mykonos is complemented by the special propositions our restaurant has to make. The restaurant “Karavaki” offers a variety of Mediterranean dishes and local specialties, accessible to all visitors to the island who love good quality food, at reasonable prices.
The enchanting view, the friendly environment, our long-standing experience and the gastronomic propositions of the Vencia boutique hotel comprise a unique choice for your stay on the island of the winds, Mykonos.

In addition, the comments of our visitors on popular web sites with hotel reviews put us 

among the best hotels in Mykonos

, and are a guarantee of the quality
of your stay at our hotel.

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