Walking on the Path of the Gods in Delos

Just a small distance from the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos, Delos is a world of its own! Such a significant place of the past for the Greeks, this is an uninhabited island that you can only visit via the cruises that are held every day. It is a sight for sore eyes, to say the least. There are so many things that you can admire on Delos, revealing its uniqueness as a place of religious importance for the ancient Greeks. This is where Apollo and Artemis were born, according to the myths. From their birth, no mortal could ever be born on the same island and therefore it was formed as a place of worship.
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When you set out on a cruise with Delos as your final destination, you will be able to admire the historical monuments still standing tall on the island. The Temple of the Delians, the Terrace of the Lions, the House of Dionysus and the Temple of Hera are just a small fraction of what you are about to see from up close. This is indeed a journey that will take you back, traveling through the centuries and reaching the past of the land. Without any place to stay for the night, this is a place where you are overwhelmed by the originality of History, without any modern distractions. It is of course a UNESCO World Heritage Site, protected for the sake of humanity and our collective memory.
Schedule your boat trip to Delos and discover the awesome character that this island holds, regardless of time. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you should not miss out on, when you visit Mykonos!
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