Top Summer Cocktails, Refreshing and Tempting

The temperature is rising, the sun is up and you are searching for a refreshing sip that will offer coolness and great flavor. Luckily, the pool bars in Mykonos can accommodate your desires and prepare the most delicious, fresh and intriguing summer cocktails to perfection. You just pick a name and they will have it ready in a minute, served ice cold with the right garnish consisting of fresh mint leaves, sliced fruits or a pinch of salt. Every sip you enjoy will open a new world of pleasure and satisfaction, full of exciting blends and wonderful colors.
From the most famous cocktails of the world to the least known, you can taste them all in the comfort of your hotel. By the pool, lying back and relaxing, overlooking the water and the horizon, you can taste great Mojitos and Margaritas, Daiquiris and many other cocktails that will tempt your palate. Even more, there are signature cocktails that you ought to experiment with. Cocktails using the fine produce of Mykonos in mysterious ways and provide you with enchanting textures, flavors and fragrances. Whether you wish to drink something strong or a non-alcoholic drink, the variety will take you by surprise!
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Summer is the perfect season for having long cocktails served to you and enjoyed for hours! In Mykonos, your wish is always satisfied and therefore you should be prepared for the most delicious, refreshing and eye-catching cocktails that you have ever enjoyed on a night out. Be it by the pool or at a beach bar, on a yacht during a cruise or in the privacy of your own room, cocktails define summer and they add a special something to its magic!
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