An All-Year-Round Destination for Holiday Fantasies

Although summer is the peak for vacationers, Mykonos offers the absolute setting for holidays all the year round. The island is so majestic and transforms itself, so as to cover the desires of every single traveler, regardless of season. The mild weather and the beautiful surroundings, the natural beauties and the unmatched hospitality of the locals add to the enchantment of Mykonos. So, whether you are planning to visit Mykonos in spring or autumn, on a winter break or for celebrating Easter, you will be lost for words!
There are innumerable things that can catch your eye on the island of Mykonos. Of course, everyday there are places where you can lay back and relax or explore the inland. You can visit the island’s museums or you can attend festivities and celebrations taking place throughout the year. You can taste the local cuisine and experiment with the different flavors, aromas and textures. In addition, you can go on a fishing trip and watch the local fishermen gathering their nets and seeing what they have caught for the day. Then, you can cook on board and have a taste of the Mykonian fish soup, with fresh salt water and with the special tips that only the fishermen know.
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Strolling up and down Little Venice is a wonderful experience, particularly at sunset. Order a cup of coffee or an iced beverage and admire the views, as the sun is setting and the sky gets filled with colors. It is an awe-inspiring moment you should not miss. Of course, indulge in the supreme services that are offered on the island for wellness and fitness. Mykonos can be a sanctuary of serenity and beauty, every time of the year – no exceptions!
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