The Major Attractions for Exploring Mykonos

Mykonos is an island of supreme beauty and distinctive character. This has set the island among the most treasured destinations all over the world. Below, we are going to find out what you can expect from your holiday experience in Mykonos. There are several attractions throughout the island, with many of them attracting the attention of both the locals and the tourists. So, let’s have a look at the major attractions of Mykonos, in order for you to start planning your vacations and squeezing them in your daily schedule!
First of all, you ought to visit Little Venice. This is the most romantic neighborhood of Mykonos and it is of great historic importance. Enjoy sunset views of marvel from this neighborhood and you will fall in love with the place! Then, you can head out to the windmills, which are practically the trademark of the island. Due to the strong winds that blow from time to time in Mykonos, the place is called “The Island of the Winds” and you can see why the windmills have been well preserved and remind us of the Island’s past. The Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Folklore and the Aegean Maritime Museum are all intriguing and offer informative views to the History of the place.
For those who enjoy long strolls and pictures taken at the most fabulous spots of the island, you can visit Panagia Paraportiani. This is the most famous church of Mykonos, whitewashed and carefully carved. Last but not least, there is Lena’s house that you can pay a visit to. This is a traditional house of Mykonos, with intact furniture and utensils depicting how life was some centuries ago.
Discover the beauty and uniqueness of Mykonos by exploring these major attractions and many more on the island!
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