Mykonos Windmills as a True Landmark

Every path you take on the island of Mykonos will lead you to the harbor of Alefkadra, where you will have the opportunity to travel far back to the history of the island.

Alefkandra is where Little Venice lies. In Little Venice you can admire the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. Further up next to this wonderful area on the hill, you will see the Windmills of Mykonos facing the North. The strong wind Meltemi has helped the locals of the island to mill wheat and produce the precious electric power. On many Cycladic islands, windmills are very common and they are made for the same purpose.
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In Mykonos, there used to be 28 windmills all over the island. Most of them have been restored and built by Venetians since the island was under their possession. Sixteen windmills are now preserved on the island. Nowadays, 10 windmills are located in the area Katomilli and on the top of the hill you will see 7 of them standing proudly still, reminding the history and the tradition of the island. In the past, they used to supply with bread and local rusk the commercial boats keeping the commerce alive between other parts of the country. They were made mostly by fine wood and the outside was always painted in white, as a contrast of the Aegean blue. They put cotton to make sails.

One of the last remaining windmills remained active since 1700 until the decade of 1960s, when it stopped operating. If you wish to see the inner side of a windmill, then you can visit the Agricultural museum and gain access to all areas of the windmill. Some of them are private houses. Although this is the island of Aeolus, the God of Winds, people still wonder how amazing it would be to see their use from up close.
Windmills of Mykonos and the products the locals made brought prosperity to the island and they still remain the trademark of the island.
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