Mykonos: An Exceptional Shopping Paradise

Mykonos is an amazing experience not only for those who wish to live the wild party life of the island or relax to the golden bays, but also for history through Cycladic Art which is imprinted on high quality products. Souvenirs like small statues, clothing, jewelries, paintings, are influenced from history through times.

In the decade of sixties, many celebrities got affected by the tradition of the island. Haute Couture Designers gave an amazing dimension of local tradition all over the world through their designs. An extremely popular island ought to maintain quality and that is what the locals have done. So from a simple shop to a high class brand, cosmopolitan air is all over the place.
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Walking to the cobbled streets of Mykonos, in the area of Matoyiania you will find brands just next to you. This is common to see in many cosmopolitan cities all over the world. All of them are found in just a small walking distance between them, where you can buy products in good prices compared to your local rate currency. Many traditional clothing and fine linen are influenced by ancient forms and this is something that you can’t miss. Paintings which represent the local culture and life during ancient times are the best choice you may have.

If you are great fans of pottery, then you can find a variety of designs in many areas of the island. There the locals also use pottery for domestic purposes. You can also arrange with an expert to take you directly to the most popular stores and shops of this amazing white island.
Mykonos is an island blessed by natural beauty and history trough time. Very much appreciated by guests all over the world, it still maintains simplicity in many areas waiting for you to discover the most of this jewel of Aegean Sea.
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