The Vibrant Nightlife of Mykonos

If you want to experience unique moments of entertainment during your vacations then nightlife in Mykonos is what you need. In Mykonos, you can party in most of the areas of the island. Starting from Mykonos town which is also the capital of the island, you can discover many small bars for each taste. It is where the night life starts before the night clubbers end up to the other popular places until the morning.

Well known bars and clubs have become very popular over the past few years, visited by many celebrities until today.
The Old Port of Mykonos is a very romantic area, with the promenade leading you to bars that offer you a nice cocktail or later to clubs with great events.
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Following the narrow paths, you can see many people having late dinner and enjoying the local traditional cuisine, accompanying it with a traditional fine local wine. At the same time, near by the little Cycladic bars are ready to welcome you.

For the most romantic ones, Little Venice is the place where you can enjoy the beautiful Mykonian sunset, which entices you in Venetian times. This area is the most popular one since when the sun sets and the night spread her veils and lounge music bars can give the best cocktails on the island. As the night progresses, now is the time to experience the famous clubs outside Mykonos town.

In Paradise beach after a short break, Cavo Paradiso and Paradise club are ready to offer you the most of your experience. Famous DJs from all over the world are there to entertain you until late morning. So music mode is on!
In many parts of the island or beaches as Psarou beach you can enjoy live concerts by many artists from all over the world. You will realize soon that the island is the ultimate destination for all tastes of entertainment jazz bars, clubs little bars. As long as you stay on the island, they will become your hangouts!
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