The Distinctive Style of Mykonian Architecture

Much like any other island in Cyclades, Mykonos follows the same architecture in terms of buildings, town structure and colors taken from the blue sea and the white clouds.
In the ancient times when the threat of pirates’ invasions was pretty real in everyday life, the inhabitants of the island started building their houses close to each other, one rising above the other with numerous narrow streets between them. Cubic whitewashed houses without roofs, ‘’kapassi’’ chimneys, blue shutters and churches with colored domes set the first wave of Mykonian architecture.
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The simplicity of the houses with the smooth, asymmetrical lines and chimneys with the blue windows and the white as snow walls give to the island the majestic feeling of the sea being reflecting to all the streets and windows.

Nowadays, most of the Mykonians with respect to this architectural movement, build their houses in the same style, much like Vencia Boutique Hotel, with respect to its surroundings offers to the guests the original Mykonian hospitality. This architecture identity gives to Mykonos this cultural uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
The beauty of unpretentious simplicity can also be seen in another of Mykonos’ landmarks, the windmills spread all over the island. Three-story, cylindrical, made of stone and used for the milling and storing of flour. Even though they are no longer in operation, they are carefully maintained, as they draw the visitors’ admiration.
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Mykonos, among the rest of its great aspects, has a personalized unique identity. It can be separated from any other place in the globe. Visitors are always welcome in the island to experience firsthand the unique hospitality, great beaches, lively nightlife and this beautiful detail. In every corner of the island hulks the simple beauty that makes Mykonos so irresistible.
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