A Brief Journey through the History

Like all the other islands in Greece, Mykonos has also a long history sculpted through wars and adversities. The first inhabitants were the Carians and the Ionians. Due to the many people living in the neighboring island Delos, Mykonos became an important place, since it was supplying the island.
Island went for several centuries from one conqueror to another. It was under the reign of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and then it was brutally ravaged by the Catalans. The Venetian rule lasted until 1500 and you can still observe the signs of their reign in the island.
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Mykonos, apart from its beauty, played a significant role during the Ottoman reign. Along with Manto Mavrogenous, a national heroine and a heroic symbol of the island fought against the Ottoman Empire. Manto Mavrogenous was a well-educated aristocrat which sacrificed all of her fortune in order to help the liberation of Greece. Her statue still graces the main town’s square.
It was long until the people of the island realized the beauty and importance of Mykonos. Soon tourism dominated the local economy. A great assistance was the excavations that took place on Delos in 1873.
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During the 30s, many celebrities and politicians started to arrive in Mykonos, making the island an international destination.
The World War II was overwhelming and present to all the places all over Earth, putting tourism out of peoples’ thoughts. However, once the war was over, people began once more to arrive in the island and even started to build their summer houses. Mykonos is considered ever since, a place of joy, relaxation and at the same time partying. Having all the options available to you, along with a beautiful scenery, the only question that remains is.. Why you have not visited Mykonos yet?
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