Mykonos: Celebrities’ First Choice

From the early 1950’s celebrities from the international jet set began to choose Mykonos for their summer vacation. The list of Hollywood stars who have visited the island is endless, from great actors to worldwide athletes, Mykonos is without a doubt their favorite place. Thus, do not be surprised if when walking into the narrow paves streets of Mykonos you will find yourselves next to Adriana Lima or Brant Pitt. Just relax and politely waive at them. They are here for the same reason you are. Mykonos is the most favorite destination for every kind of tourism.

Mykonos Island combines the natural beauty and amazing beaches with a vibrant nightlife full of parties and joy. Celebrities spend their vacation to Mykonos’s countless beautiful beaches. The majestic golden sand and the crystal clear waters is the one of the main reasons they arrive here during summer months. Another reason is the everlasting parties throughout day and night, that keeps everyone on the island awake, dancing and having a great time.
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Many of the celebrities that have visited Mykonos in the past, decided to even build their summer houses here. Therefore, if you find that you are out of sugar, feel free to ring the doorbell of your neighbor. There is a strong chance that you will have a pleasant an unexpected surprise!

Whatever the reason may be celebrities, just like any other person who wants to have an unforgettable experience, will often choose Mykonos. There are many beautiful islands in Aegean Sea. But what exactly is the reason that Mykonos stands out? Celebrities like Sara Jessica Parker, Tom Hanks and Angelina Jolie that have visited Mykonos more than once have the answer. Whatever your culture, your characteristics, whether you are a celebrity or not, Mykonos will treat you the same. You will have the same fun, enjoy the same amazing beaches and taste the same unique dishes. Mykonos is an island that offers its beauty to anyone that comes to visit.
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