Karavaki Restaurant boasts its privileged location and its uniquely delectable cuisine. Starting with a rich, mouth-watering breakfast, you can enjoy the services of Karavaki all day long. Light snacks and delicious coffee and beverages, desserts and splendid lunch solutions are available for you to taste.

Open from 12/04/2023!

The view is breathtaking, whether you choose to visit Karavaki during the day or at night. If you wish to make the most out of a candlelit dinner in Mykonos, you are welcome to make reservations to this marvelous high-end restaurant. You will have the opportunity to taste Mediterranean cuisine, blended with Greek and local touches that add to the ultimate gourmand dishes. 

If you are intrigued by dining during the sunset, there is the special private dinner sunset table that you can reserve for the ultimate experience of exciting your palate, along with your other senses. The helpful staff and the talented chefs will guide you through the courses of your dinner, introducing you to a wonderful world of flavors and fragrances you will never forget. Dining at the most stunning location of Mykonos and overlooking the Aegean, with the sun rays mirrored gently on the waves and the colors overwhelming the horizon, is a sight for sore eyes. Indulge in such lavish experiences and surrender to the magic of Mykonos!


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