Experiencing Infinity and Beyond

Water is essential to Mykonos, signifying the Aegean that is overwhelmingly embracing the land and offers smooth access to the island. On holiday, travelers seek to experience the harmony that is found in the water and they do so from the best spots in Mykonos. An infinity pool extending beyond the horizon, providing exceptional views to the waters of the Aegean, the mesmerizing sunset and the islets nearby is definitely the highlight of your day! So, lay back and relax, dive in the crystal clear waters of the Vencia Boutique Hotel infinity pool and enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

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The views are certainly captivating, as you can admire the infinite blue of the sea and the clear blue skies above. The sun is mirrored on the water of the pool and gently touches your cheeks. You can admire the local architecture, typical of Cyclades, or you can gaze at the land stretching far away. This is the place to be for sipping on signature cocktails of premium quality, listening to lounge music and avoiding the crowd and the noise. Every dive in these waters gives you the energy that you have been seeking, along with the coolness and the invigoration for memorable vacations.
Even if Mykonos is famous for its coastline and there are many picturesque beaches that you can visit here, the infinity pool is an exquisite experience. It is a spectacular feeling being on the edge, on a gorgeous backdrop, admiring the unparalleled view from a privileged spot. You feel like you can touch the water reflected before your eyes, take a step to the emerging land ahead and reach the sun. Pure magic in Mykonos!
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