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One of the most important sights in Mykonos is the town of Mykonos itself. Walking around the city of Mykonos, you will meet many white churches with red domes, small but so appealing to visit them.

Mykonos has two ports; the Old Port and the New Port, which was built just a few decades ago. The Old Port is still a commercial harbor, since many small ferries arrive there during the summer season. This picturesque harbor has many high quality restaurants. In the meantime, nearby in the morning fishermen sell their catch.
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Paraportiani church is an exquisite attraction located in the area of Kastro, where nowadays you will find the ruins of medieval walls. It is a private church and in order to visit it guests have to ask the keys from the family. The name of the church means “The lady of the side gate”. Paraportiani church consists of four more churches inside, including Saint Efstathios, Saint Sozon, Saint Anastasia and Saints Anargyroi on the ground level. The final shape of the church was curved from the winds.

Matoyiania is inside the city. It was built like a small labyrinth since the locals tried to control the invaders each time they tried to attack. In this area, you will find museums, galleries, famous brands but also very good restaurants and cafés. Little Venice is actually a natural landscape that was constructed by rich Venetians following the prototype of Venice. Last but not least, there are the traditional windmills standing on the top of the hill, facing Little Venice and the city of Mykonos.
Walking around the city, you will not miss the Catholic Church. It is built next to the Orhodox one. The houses where built in a very specific technique to keep water from the rooftops and into cisterns. If you share your stroll with an expert, then you will have all the information you need to clear out how this small Cycladic Island won the admiration of so many guests worldwide..
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